WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Monthly Archives: November 2018

  1. SaltNic Labs Top 5 Picks For All Day Salt Nicotine E-liquid

    We at SaltNic Labs enjoy our e-liquid, but can’t deny other e-liquid companies out there are delivering crazy delicious all day vape salt nicotines too. We admire several companies and their dedication to great e-liquid, so we came up with our own list 5 favorite salt flavors that we believe are not only tasty for all day satisfaction, but have incredible depth of flavor and quality ingredients. After all, that is what SaltNic Labs is all about and we know you probably feel the same. So, check out below our top 5 picks that we like to vape when we’re not vaping our favorite SaltNic e-liquid.

    Reds Grape Iced Salt e-liquid

    Reds Apple E-juice is mixed in Los Angeles and is one of the most enjoyed e-juices throughout the industry. They knock it out of the park with their fruit flavors mixed with their iconic apple e-juice base. Reds Grape Iced salt e-liquid is one of our favorites! It’s gushing juicy ripe purple grapes mixed with apple juice and a cooling iced finish. This e-liquid is a triple attack of balanced flavor and deserves mention because like many of Reds other liquids, you can really savor the flavors as it is not too sweet or overpowering, but just satisfying all day long.

    CRFT Salt Strawberry Blonde

    CRFT is a Southern California based e-liquid manufacturer who have been setting the standards high with their e-liquids. Their Salt Strawberry Blonde has been a top pick amongst many of us here at SaltNic Labs due to its killer creamy strawberry flavor. It has a richness of strawberry essence blended with a generous amount of creamy custard that brings a thrilling smoothness to your vape experience. For all you strawberry custard fans, CRFT really brings it with their Salt Strawberry Blonde and we highly recommend it!

    BLVK Unicorn Salt, Honeydew

    Honeydew by, BLVK Unicorn Salt, is one of those fruit flavors that is just so silky velvety smooth that it will always bring a smile to your face and takes the edge off of a stressful day. From the start of the pull, it’s a full flavored, sweet and juicy, honeydew melon that comes into play with a varied assortment of berries for the finish. There really is nothing quite like the mellow flavor of a honeydew melon and BLVK has captured it so well that it has become a definite favorite of ours. It is invariably refreshing and has a great throat hit to come through as a super solid all day vape.

    NKD Salt American Patriot

    NKD Salt is mixed at USA Vape Lab, located in Southern California. Nkd’s Salt American Patriot is an incredible full flavored and bold classic tobacco. For the tobacco flavor lovers here at SaltNic Labs, this is an easy go to for all day enjoyment because it truly delivers a deep and smoothly satisfying throat hit. American Patriot is simple, but amazing and we definitely celebrate it on many levels!

    Salty Fog Bourbon Tobacco

    Cosmic Fog rolled out with their Salty Fog Line, which included their Bourbon Tobacco and it has been an amazing addition to our regular line up of tasty salt nicotine e-liquids. It is uniquely flavorful with bold tobacco flavors infused with oak barrel aged bourbon! This vape is has earthy tones of tobacco with great oaky flavor and incredible smooth throat hits for definite all day satisfaction. This is without a doubt one of the greatest tobacco flavors out there that you absolutely gotta try at least once.

    It just so happens that our top 5 salt nicotine e-liquid picks are made in Southern California. Is it a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but it kind of is because we at SaltNic just dig these salt e-liquid flavors. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new all day vape for your low wattage device, give one or all of these flavors a try because they’re top shelf salt nicotine e-liquids that are sure to become a part of your always on hand collection. You know, in addition to your favorite SaltNic flavors of course.

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  2. Orion DNA Go By Lost Vape Is Bound To Impress!


    We at SaltNic Labs are ecstatic to have the latest in pod mod technology, the Orion DNA Go. This fantastic looking device is going to take the vaping community by storm with its versatility and dispensing of incredible satisfying flavor. The Orion chassis is made of stainless steel with a built in battery of 950mAh capacity that puts out a max wattage of 40w. It feels incredibly solid, but it still lightweight at only 87g. The Orion comes in three sweet styles, colors and is undoubtedly classy looking.

    The technology inside the Orion is brought to you by none other than the DNA Go chipset. This is the first DNA chip to be designed specifically for a pod mod. It is fully customizable and will permit you to make adjustments to the settings for your preferred vaping style with power regulations and output modes. Output modes can be set with the onboard programmable multicolor LED or with Evolv’s EScribe software. This enables the user to really narrow it down to exactly what they enjoy. EScribe can be found on Evolv’s website and downloaded onto your computer. We recommend that you take advantage of this feature as it will allow you to maximize settings and upgrade the firmware.

    The Orion also has Replay and BOOST technology. Replay comes in handy to help continuously capture the most enjoyable puff anyone could ask for. This feature will prevent dry hits, extend battery life, prolong the life of the pod and again, give great consistent flavor and vapor production. The purpose of the BOOST technology is to increase the initial power output at the start of a pull to ensure that the coils quickly reach the moment where they can produce vapor more efficiently.

    The Orion pods have a 2ml capacity, and are made with a superb combination of stainless steel coils and organic Japanese cotton. They are available in a .25Ω pod and a .5Ω pod, so you can choose to enjoy either some classic e-juice or SaltNic e-liquid. Always remember that the .5Ω pod is meant for SaltNic or other salt nicotines on a lower power setting. The great thing about the Orion is that it will auto detect the resistance of the pods and will adjust the settings as necessary. If you want to get even more specific for each contrasting pod, settings can be adjusted with the EScribe software.

    The Orion does not come with any pods. But, don’t let this hold you back because you will be missing out on a great versatile system that offers really incredible flavor. The Orion will not let you down because it truly delivers a great vaping experience. That being said, remember when making your purchase to load up your cart with a couple of 2 packs of the Orion pods and some finely crafted SaltNic e-liquid. We promise, you’re going to love it!

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  3. VGOD SaltNic E-Liquid: Not Your Average E-Liquid!

    vgod-salt-nic VGOD SaltNic e-liquid was no accident, but an intentional delivery of an absolutely delicious vape experience for refillable pod devices. The partnership began with the delivery of VGODs best selling e-juice in SaltNic form with Cubano, Cubano Black, Luscious, Lush Ice and Pink Cakes. A later collaboration introduced Cubano Silver and the amazing Bomb Line that includes Apple, Berry and Mango Bomb.

    All VGOD SaltNic e-liquid is the exact match of VGODs traditional e-juice and is not your average e-liquid. These e-liquids have phenomenal depth of flavor made with high quality premium ingredients that you can certainly taste. Now with more potent nicotine strengths in 25mg and 50mg, it packs a serious nicotine punch that will undoubtedly satisfy those who have recently switched from smoking cigarettes. With several available flavor profiles, there is a flavor for every distinct palate and will most definitely keep you from returning to your old habit.

    If you haven’t given VGODs SaltNic e-liquid a try, there is no time like the present! If you’re looking for great quality and affordable salt nicotine e-liquid, then SaltNic will be a brand you continually come back to. So, prepare your taste buds for the greatest all day vapes on the e-liquid market! Order some liquid today and don’t forget to stock up on replacement pods, so you can have a mix of flavors ready to go when you want to change it up!
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