We at SaltNic Labs enjoy our e-liquid, but can’t deny other e-liquid companies out there are delivering crazy delicious all day vape salt nicotines too. We admire several companies and their dedication to great e-liquid, so we came up with our own list 5 favorite salt flavors that we believe are not only tasty for all day satisfaction, but have incredible depth of flavor and quality ingredients. After all, that is what SaltNic Labs is all about and we know you probably feel the same. So, check out below our top 5 picks that we like to vape when we’re not vaping our favorite SaltNic e-liquid.

Reds Grape Iced Salt e-liquid

Reds Apple E-juice is mixed in Los Angeles and is one of the most enjoyed e-juices throughout the industry. They knock it out of the park with their fruit flavors mixed with their iconic apple e-juice base. Reds Grape Iced salt e-liquid is one of our favorites! It’s gushing juicy ripe purple grapes mixed with apple juice and a cooling iced finish. This e-liquid is a triple attack of balanced flavor and deserves mention because like many of Reds other liquids, you can really savor the flavors as it is not too sweet or overpowering, but just satisfying all day long.

CRFT Salt Strawberry Blonde

CRFT is a Southern California based e-liquid manufacturer who have been setting the standards high with their e-liquids. Their Salt Strawberry Blonde has been a top pick amongst many of us here at SaltNic Labs due to its killer creamy strawberry flavor. It has a richness of strawberry essence blended with a generous amount of creamy custard that brings a thrilling smoothness to your vape experience. For all you strawberry custard fans, CRFT really brings it with their Salt Strawberry Blonde and we highly recommend it!

BLVK Unicorn Salt, Honeydew

Honeydew by, BLVK Unicorn Salt, is one of those fruit flavors that is just so silky velvety smooth that it will always bring a smile to your face and takes the edge off of a stressful day. From the start of the pull, it’s a full flavored, sweet and juicy, honeydew melon that comes into play with a varied assortment of berries for the finish. There really is nothing quite like the mellow flavor of a honeydew melon and BLVK has captured it so well that it has become a definite favorite of ours. It is invariably refreshing and has a great throat hit to come through as a super solid all day vape.

NKD Salt American Patriot

NKD Salt is mixed at USA Vape Lab, located in Southern California. Nkd’s Salt American Patriot is an incredible full flavored and bold classic tobacco. For the tobacco flavor lovers here at SaltNic Labs, this is an easy go to for all day enjoyment because it truly delivers a deep and smoothly satisfying throat hit. American Patriot is simple, but amazing and we definitely celebrate it on many levels!

Salty Fog Bourbon Tobacco

Cosmic Fog rolled out with their Salty Fog Line, which included their Bourbon Tobacco and it has been an amazing addition to our regular line up of tasty salt nicotine e-liquids. It is uniquely flavorful with bold tobacco flavors infused with oak barrel aged bourbon! This vape is has earthy tones of tobacco with great oaky flavor and incredible smooth throat hits for definite all day satisfaction. This is without a doubt one of the greatest tobacco flavors out there that you absolutely gotta try at least once.

It just so happens that our top 5 salt nicotine e-liquid picks are made in Southern California. Is it a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but it kind of is because we at SaltNic just dig these salt e-liquid flavors. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new all day vape for your low wattage device, give one or all of these flavors a try because they’re top shelf salt nicotine e-liquids that are sure to become a part of your always on hand collection. You know, in addition to your favorite SaltNic flavors of course.