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Vaping is often viewed as a challenging perplexity to most smokers who are considering quitting smoking. Most smokers who want to commit to quitting will choose a nicotine replacement therapy or NRT. There are many to choose from such as gum, patches, inhalers, nasal sprays and much more.

If you have already tried any number of NRT's and have not had much success, vaping perhaps will be your golden ticket to finally tossing those cigarettes in the garbage. And that is why we at SaltNic Labs want to provide you with a basic guide to answer some lingering questions you may have regarding electronic cigarettes and vape juice.

What electronic cigarettes work best for a novice vaper?

For anyone new to vaping, it is always recommended to start with a simple device and a flavored e-liquid that compliments your tastes. This very simplistic device should require almost no maintenance.

The main reason to start with a basic vape device is so you don't become overwhelmed by how the device functions. Simplistic devices are generally recognized as safe. After all, this is the beginning of a process to change your lifestyle. The main necessity at the outset of this journey is that you remain steadfast in your determination to remain smoke free.

The most basics vape device will be a disposable pod system. A pod system that is disposable can be purchased and used immediately. Most are pod systems or cigalike vapes with pre-charged batteries and a pre-filled e-liquid chamber or tank. Most of these types of nicotine products can be found at most convenience stores.

There are low wattage vape devices that are specifically designed to be used with e-liquid pre-filled in a pod. Pod mods with open pod systems can be refilled with the e-liquid of your choice.

What is in vape juice?

Vape juice is also referred to as e-juice or e-liquid. Some folks have passed on quite a bit of false information about what is exactly in vape juice. You need to always purchase e-juice from a trusted source like SaltNic Labs. All trusted e-liquid manufacturers will have quality e-liquid with a few basic ingredients.

  1. Water
  2. Propylene Glycol
  3. Vegetable Glycerin
  4. Nicotine
  5. Flavor Extracts

What is the difference between VG and PG?

PG the abbreviation for propylene glycol. It is a liquid that is clear and used as a carrier of flavor in food products. The purpose of PG in e-liquid is to provide a purer tasting flavor and a stronger throat hit to imitate the sensation that one feels when smoking.

VG is the abbreviation for vegetable glycerin. This all natural organic liquid is made from vegetable oil. It has a very thick consistency is sweet. VG is responsible for higher vapor production and adds a bit more of sweetness to the e-juice.

How do I choose a nicotine strength?

Nicotine tolerance always varies from person to person, but it is not uncommon when someone is ready to quit traditional cigarettes, they will start vaping with high nicotine e-liquid. The high nicotine content will allow heavy smokers to feel the effects and stay satisfied enough to not return to their old smoking habits.

Nicotine in e-liquid is measured in milligrams per milliliter, which will allow you to understand a little more accurately how much nicotine you will be using. Standard e-juice can be found to contain 0mg to 18mg of nicotine and salt nicotine e-liquids range from 25mg to as much as 60mg.

To find the right nicotine strength, you will need to consider how many cigarettes you smoke in one day. A cigarette can have between 12mg to 20mg of nicotine, but how much your body absorbs from each cigarette you smoke is speculative based on differences in cigarette types and inhalation methods.

If you begin to chain vape with e-liquid that has a high percentage of nicotine, you may start to feel a little too light headed, possibly nauseous or feel your heart racing. Symptoms will vary from person to person. If you feel any adverse symptoms such as suggested above, we recommend you choose a bottle of e-liquid with less nicotine.

  • 12mg/ml and higher is best for heavy longtime smokers who would routinely smoke 30 or more cigarettes a day or unfiltered cigarettes.
  • 6mg/ml is best for moderate smokers.
  • 3mg/ml is best for those who are transitioning to lower nicotine levels or those who had smoked minimally.
  • 0mg/ml is best for those who have completely weaned themselves from nicotine dependency and would like to continue to vape without nicotine.

How to choose e-juice?

Of course each of us will enjoy different flavors as tastes are subjective and change from region to region. Choosing flavored e-liquid is similar to choosing what you would like to eat. There are certain flavor nuances that we can enjoy everyday versus every once in a while or not at all.

Consider what flavors in foods you typically crave.This is the question you will want to ask yourself when choosing a flavor. Juice flavors are sold in 30 or 60 ml bottles in various flavor profiles like dessert, candy, baked goods, fruit flavors, tobacco or a cooling menthol.

You may want to stick with one particular flavor profile and not choose too many flavors from different profiles. It will be most important to start with an e-liquid you are more certain you will enjoy.

Remember that some flavors might be a delicious treat every so often, while other flavors will be more satisfying for all day usage. We recommend to start with simple flavors that aren't overly saturated with sweetness or convoluted with too many flavors.

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