There is something really unique about grapes and like all things, people either really enjoy a tasty grape or are wholeheartedly against them. But we at SaltNic Labs admittedly have a thing for those ellipsoid shaped vegatative flowers people tend to refer to as grapes. So we put together a short list of grape salt e-liquids we think are notable and belong on the top 5 for 2019 list. And just before we get started, we wanted to give you a gentle reminder that all the e-liquids on our top 5 grape e-liquids for 2019 are for low wattage refillable pod devices and not for sub-ohm use.

Top 5 Grape Ejuice
  1. VGOD Purple Bomb Iced SaltNic
  2. Reds Apple E-Juice - Grape Iced
  3. BLVK Unicorn - Grape
  4. Nasty Juice - ASAP Grape
  5. SaltyMan Vapor - Purple Reign

SaltyMan Vapor | Purple Reign

Purple Reign by SaltMan Vapor has been one of the most sought after grape e-liquids on the market that truly delivers the sweetness of grape flavored candy throughout the entire puff.
SaltMan Vapor claims to have cultivated this awesome vaping experience from Italian grapes infused with soft and gooey pieces of grape candy. Purple Reign comes in 30mg and 50mg nicotine strengths, and is outstanding for an all day vape in a low wattage device. It is in this fashion SaltyMan has delivered a true smash hit and Purple Reign reins it in at #5 on our list of top grape e-liquids 2019.

Nasty Juice | ASAP Grape Salt

Nasty Juice just sounds, well, nasty. But au contraire dear friends, it is quite tasty. Especially their ASAP Grape Salt that is blended from freshly grown black table grapes that are equally sweet and tangy. It's like having a bowl full of grapes that have a nice crunchy snap to them that are just the perfect amount of sweetness that is not too sugary. ASAP Grape Salt is a straightforward and delicious grape vape experience that is offered in 35mg and 50mg nicotine strengths

BLVK Unicorn | Grape

We at SaltNic Labs understand the standards to be able to blend high quality e-liquid and the folks over at BLVK Unicorn are blending their Grape just perfect. Although Grape is not a straight grape e-liquid, it still elicits a nice juicy purple grape with other fresh fruit notes for the finish. Definitely a solid all day grape vape you can depend on to refresh you when you need it. BLVK Unicorn Grape is sold in 35mg and 50mg nicotine strengths

Reds Apple E-Juice | Grape Iced

Reds Apple E-Juice knocks it out of the ball park all day long with their apple based e-liquid. Reds Apple Grape Iced is no different. Their iconic apple e-juice is carefully blended with juicy grapes and infused with a touch of cooling menthol for a refreshing finish. Reds Apple E-Juice Grape Iced is definitely a favorite among vapers and will be a favorite of yours, if you haven't tried it already. Grape Iced is available in 30mg and 50mg nicotine strengths.

VGOD Purple Bomb Iced SaltNic

VGOD Purple Bomb Iced SaltNic is a collaboration between VGOD and SaltNic and because it is our own, of course it is landing at #1 on our top 5 grape e-liquids for 2019. We put a lot of heart and soul into getting Purple Bomb Iced SaltNic just right. The perfect amount of sweet and juicy concord grapes mixed with a dash of menthol for a relaxing and cooling sensation at the finish. But if menthol just isn't your thing, SaltNic has you covered! Try the regular VGOD Purple Bomb SaltNic that is equally as delightfully grape as its mentholated counterpart. We offer VGOD Purple Bomb Iced SaltNic in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths.