vgod-salt-nic VGOD SaltNic e-liquid was no accident, but an intentional delivery of an absolutely delicious vape experience for refillable pod devices. The partnership began with the delivery of VGODs best selling e-juice in SaltNic form with Cubano, Cubano Black, Luscious, Lush Ice and Pink Cakes. A later collaboration introduced Cubano Silver and the amazing Bomb Line that includes Apple, Berry and Mango Bomb.

All VGOD SaltNic e-liquid is the exact match of VGODs traditional e-juice and is not your average e-liquid. These e-liquids have phenomenal depth of flavor made with high quality premium ingredients that you can certainly taste. Now with more potent nicotine strengths in 25mg and 50mg, it packs a serious nicotine punch that will undoubtedly satisfy those who have recently switched from smoking cigarettes. With several available flavor profiles, there is a flavor for every distinct palate and will most definitely keep you from returning to your old habit.

If you haven’t given VGODs SaltNic e-liquid a try, there is no time like the present! If you’re looking for great quality and affordable salt nicotine e-liquid, then SaltNic will be a brand you continually come back to. So, prepare your taste buds for the greatest all day vapes on the e-liquid market! Order some liquid today and don’t forget to stock up on replacement pods, so you can have a mix of flavors ready to go when you want to change it up!