We at SaltNic Labs are ecstatic to have the latest in pod mod technology, the Orion DNA Go. This fantastic looking device is going to take the vaping community by storm with its versatility and dispensing of incredible satisfying flavor. The Orion chassis is made of stainless steel with a built in battery of 950mAh capacity that puts out a max wattage of 40w. It feels incredibly solid, but it still lightweight at only 87g. The Orion comes in three sweet styles, colors and is undoubtedly classy looking.

The technology inside the Orion is brought to you by none other than the DNA Go chipset. This is the first DNA chip to be designed specifically for a pod mod. It is fully customizable and will permit you to make adjustments to the settings for your preferred vaping style with power regulations and output modes. Output modes can be set with the onboard programmable multicolor LED or with Evolv’s EScribe software. This enables the user to really narrow it down to exactly what they enjoy. EScribe can be found on Evolv’s website and downloaded onto your computer. We recommend that you take advantage of this feature as it will allow you to maximize settings and upgrade the firmware.

The Orion also has Replay and BOOST technology. Replay comes in handy to help continuously capture the most enjoyable puff anyone could ask for. This feature will prevent dry hits, extend battery life, prolong the life of the pod and again, give great consistent flavor and vapor production. The purpose of the BOOST technology is to increase the initial power output at the start of a pull to ensure that the coils quickly reach the moment where they can produce vapor more efficiently.

The Orion pods have a 2ml capacity, and are made with a superb combination of stainless steel coils and organic Japanese cotton. They are available in a .25Ω pod and a .5Ω pod, so you can choose to enjoy either some classic e-juice or SaltNic e-liquid. Always remember that the .5Ω pod is meant for SaltNic or other salt nicotines on a lower power setting. The great thing about the Orion is that it will auto detect the resistance of the pods and will adjust the settings as necessary. If you want to get even more specific for each contrasting pod, settings can be adjusted with the EScribe software.

The Orion does not come with any pods. But, don’t let this hold you back because you will be missing out on a great versatile system that offers really incredible flavor. The Orion will not let you down because it truly delivers a great vaping experience. That being said, remember when making your purchase to load up your cart with a couple of 2 packs of the Orion pods and some finely crafted SaltNic e-liquid. We promise, you’re going to love it!

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