VGOD Mango Bomb by SaltNic Labs

SaltNic Labs is ecstatic to have had the good fortune to be able to partner with VGOD once again to introduce VGOD's Bomb Line as a salt nicotine option to the vaping community. Apple and Berry Bomb were the two original Bombs released earlier this past Spring, but a third Bomb arose from the talented minds of VGOD mixologists who are constantly challenging themselves to offer vapers throughout the world the most flavorful and satisfying e-liquids around.

Mango Bomb is the latest in the Bomb Line creations and it will no doubt be a favorite among SaltNic enthusiasts. Mango's are a very popular fruit considering the amalgamate of tropical flavors that burst through and awaken your taste buds with every bite. They are so rich, drippingly juicy with natural sugar, a bit tart, but truly invigorating. And that is exactly the fullness of flavor that you receive upon a smooth inhale of Mango Bomb e-liquid that ensues entirely through to the exhale. A pure delight to the senses that is satisfying all day long!

But, let us not forget the greatness of Apple Bomb or Berry Bomb. Both flavors have earned their place in the Bomb Line, as they are a favorite among vapers and best sellers since their release. There is nothing quite like a hardy crisp green Granny Smith apple and its sweet yet tart juicy flavor infused with a candied sour apple belt. Anyone who is a fan of the tartness of a green apple will absolutely love Apple Bomb. As for Berry Bomb, who doesn’t love fresh strawberries with a candied sour strawberry belt? It is the best of both worlds, fresh fruity strawberries and sour strawberry candy.

The Bomb Line thus far includes a flavor for everyone to enjoy and now they can be enjoyed in your favorite low wattage refillable devices! VGOD's Bomb SaltNic is offered in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths and is available in 30ml bottles. We suggest that you try each one for yourself because you seriously don’t want to miss out on these amazing fruity flavors! And, when you do taste them all, let us know which one is your favorite because we seriously can't decide!