Pod starter kits systems are definitely prevailing among the novice and expert vapers of today. Many vape manufacturers are jumping to make their mark in the pod starter kit systems niche of the vape industry, so naturally vape manufacturer giant Smok has recently released a pod system starter kit they call the Nord.

Smok Nord vs Smok Novo Kit

It is similar in design to the previously released Smok Novo, but it is significantly bigger with added features that afford the user more versatility and an improved vaping experience. So we at SaltNic Labs want to give you an inside look at the Smok Nord.


When we picked up this device, we were very pleased by the look and feel to this pod starter kit. It is a bit larger than your average pod device measuring at 94mm x 30mm and 18.8mm in depth. It feels like it has some significant durability to it, so the build quality shows automatically. The Nord does weigh 80 grams, but is still incredibly lightweight for a pod system.

Much like Smok's other devices, the Nord comes in six different cobra colored body for a unique looking appearance. Smok will soon release seven new colors with a whole different resin design for those of you who aren’t too keen on the cobra design.

In contrast to the Smok Novo, the Nord Starter Kit has a single button centrally located on the body of the device. This button will activate the device in addition to turning it on and off by clicking the button five times like a typical box mod.

When the device is on, you can also check battery life by clicking the button two times and it will activate the LED light color that pertains to the existing battery strength. Green will indicate full power, while orange is medium power and red pinpoints a low battery.

Replaceable Atomizers and Extra Pods

Smok Nord Kit

The Nord Starter Kit includes a 3ml capacity pod with the Nord 0.6Ω mesh coil and a 1.4Ω regular coil. When vaping SaltNic Labs E-liquid, we recommend using the 1.4Ω regular coil for a nice loose, but still restrictive mouth to lung draw for great throat hits.

The Nord 0.6Ω mesh coil is perfect for non-salt nicotine e-juice. The coil is quite large for its minimalistic size and can quickly heat your favorite e-juice. It does produce impressive amounts of vapor for a sub-ohm like vape experience.

Both coils are easy to prime and slide into the Nord pod without difficulty. Just remember that the flattened edges of the coil need to face the thin outer walls of the pod.

The Nord pod fits snuggly by connecting to gold plated contacts. The coils are designed with o-rings and secure nicely in the coil slot of the pod with a convenient press fit. The mouthpiece is very wide and comfortable for vaping. The Nord pod has a side fill port hole with a cover that will slide to the side when filling and fits securely to avoid any leaks.

The Verdict

So the verdict is in here at SaltNic Labs and we say that Smok has designed a real winner. The Nord Starter Kit is an excellent choice for your next vape kit due to the fact that it comes with two differing coils that offer contrasting vape experiences. This is great for the fact that you can choose which coil you prefer and can stick to that one style or switch between pods with different coils to also enjoy sub-ohm vaping.

But if you’re the type of vaper who enjoys multiple flavors throughout the day, just remember to purchase more pods. That’s the key, more pods! Then you can enjoy more than one flavor and just switch them in and out whenever you want.

Purchase your Smok Nord Starter Kit today and start to enjoy two vaping styles with one pod system! And don’t forget to pick up a few extra pods and coils to always vape clean!

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