We at SaltNic Labs have a passion for flavor and put a substantial amount of effort into bringing you the finest vape experience one can have with salt nicotine e-liquids. Vaping clean is a fundamental part to any type of vaping experience no matter what device you may be using.

Suorin Drop Starter Kit

As you enjoy your Suorin Drop you will want to make sure you hook up on some replacement pods. Rightfully so because you do not want to be without a replacement at that moment when the flavor of your favorite e-liquid is not optimal or worse, all you can taste is a terrible burning flavor.

In addition, it is also optimal to be able to switch from flavor to flavor throughout the day. You will find that each flavor of e-liquid will be able to pair well with different meals and drinks throughout your day. This makes having extra pods extremely beneficial to thoroughly enjoy vaping.

The Drop cartridges will last anywhere from 1 to as much as 3 weeks or more due to a lot of variables. First off, Sourin recommends to properly prime the cartridge for more than 10 minutes. The e-liquid you choose needs to properly infiltrate and soak the cotton wick. Be patient and wait it out. It will be worth it. You will get amazing flavor!

The second thing to remember that is very important is when choosing e-liquid, it needs to comply with the necessary VG/PG ratios suggested by Suorin. E-liquid with a 70 VG / 30 PG can used, but nothing less than a 60 VG / 40 PG. That is why SaltNic Labs e-liquid is perfect for your Suorin Drop. Concentrations will contrast from all e-liquid manufacturers, so always be aware of percentages before you make your purchases.

Replace a Suorin Drop Cartridge

Sweeteners will also have an effect on the coil in the cartridge. So if you enjoy really sweet and sugary e-liquid, be aware that the pods may not last as long. All SaltNic Labs e-liquid is not over sweetened and usually we stick with a 50 VG / 50 PG ratio.

Lastly, your vaping habits takes a big part in the longevity of your Suorin Drop cartridges. If you vape a lot and refill often, you will exhaust the wick and coil faster. If you vape frequently throughout the day, we recommend you absolutely have extra cartridges on hand to vape clean to always maximize your satisfaction!

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