At the end of 2015, PAX Labs received a U.S. patent for the nicotine salt e-liquid formula used in the now famous JUUL pod. Up until then, many varieties of e-juice failed to deliver the same amount of nicotine or throat hit satisfaction to consumers that a cigarette could. Many people wanting to make a switch found that vaping would fall short of the real experience they had come to love.

Nicotin Salt myths

With the introduction of nicotine salts e-liquid, higher nicotine concentrations and throat feel offer an experience quite similar to smoking a cigarette. For this reason, nicotine salts has grown in popularity with those wanting to make a switch from cigarettes to vaping and has been a major contributing factor to their success in finally managing to kick their cigarette habit.

Despite the positive aspects of vaping compared to smoking, a few nicotine salt myths have arisen to add and proliferate confusion. We at SaltNic Labs would like to participate in a way that will work towards eliminating the confusion as best as we can by disputing some known nicotine salt myths below.

#1 Nicotine salt is not safe

Safety has been a general topic of in regards to vaping from the very beginning, so it is no different when it comes to nicotine salt. Nicotine salt has been regarded as not safe due to the higher concentrations of nicotine and because of the addition of benzoic acid to the mixture of the e-liquid. But, contrary to belief nicotine salt e-liquid is regarded by many public health organizations to be just as safe as freebase e-juice.

Nicotine levels are very important to people who are working towards quitting smoking cigarettes. If your true goal is simply to satisfy your nicotine craving, nicotine salt will give you the advantage in that you will actually vape less to achieve that satisfaction. Due to its biochemistry, nicotine salts has been found to enter the bloodstream more quickly than freebase e-juice and remain for longer periods of time enabling the user to stay satisfied for longer in between vaping.

As for the concern regarding the benzoic acid in the nicotine salt e-liquid, there have been no studies concluding that benzoic acid is dangerous when vaporized or inhaled. Some studies have suggested that benzoic acid triggers coughing, while others have shown it to cause allergic reactions in some individuals. But, as of now there is no real evidence as to what physical effects are certain to occur when benzoic acid is inhaled through e-liquid. However, it is generally regarded that vaping is less harmful than smoking and reduces your exposure to over 7,000 toxicants and carcinogens that are present in a burning cigarette.

#2 Nicotine salt is limiting in flavor variety

Where this was once to be found true, now nicotine salt e-liquid can be found in thousands of great flavors. The professional mixologists here at SaltNic Labs have been doing their due diligence to bring to you the same great flavors available in freebase e-juice form to nicotine salts. Fruit and tobacco are the preferred flavor profiles for vapers and SaltNic Labs has been successful in creating satisfying all day vape juices in these categories like Summer Strawberry, Tropical Mango, Melon Mix and Dry Tobacco

Working with VGOD to bring to you their delicious tasting freebase e-juice has been a really great opportunity to show that nicotine salt e-liquid can taste just as good, is smooth, offers great throat hits and can still offer a satisfying amount of vapor for an enjoyable vaping experience. The re-creation of VGOD e-juice like the Cubano Line has been widely enjoyed throughout the world by those who still want that great bold flavor of tobacco, but have since ditched the cigs. If you have not tried VGOD SaltNic e-liquid, we highly recommend it!

#3 Vaping nicotine salts will give you toxic doses of nicotine.

Known German scientist, Bernd Mayer, has written and spoken about several cases in which people who have consumed large amounts of nicotine were found to have experienced intense symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, high blood pressure, fast heartbeat and more. Mayer has since suggested the toxic dosage of liquid nicotine ingested by an adult to be around 500 to 1000 milligrams.

In order to get near the 500mg dosage, one would have to vaporize a little over 40 milliliters of 12mg/ml of e-liquid in a very very short period of time. And, in a short period of time means under two hours. The typical nicotine salt e-liquid comes in bottles of 30ml, so you would have to vape two bottles in just under two hours, which seems altogether impossible.

According to Mayer, the minimum plasma concentration from someone who died from a nicotine overdose was recorded as 4,000 nanograms per milliliter of blood, which is equal to 4 milligrams of nicotine per liter of blood in the body. For context, the human body typically only has 5.5 liters of blood, which will fill up just a bit more than a gallon milk jug.

What this all means is that vapers simply cannot receive toxic doses of nicotine by inhalation of e-liquid Only unintentional or intentional swallowing of nicotine in large quantities will have toxic effects. So DO NOT drink or ingest nicotine salt or freebase e-juice for any reason and just stick to vaping. One may feel uneasy with nausea, have symptoms of dizziness or a headache may arise if you have been inhaling too much vapor as well. Once you feel any of these symptoms, simply take a break from vaping, drink some water and continue vaping when the symptoms have gone away.

#4 Nicotine salt is more addictive.

Nicotine salt is not necessarily more addictive than freebase e-juice or vice versa. Due to the higher concentration of nicotine in nicotine salts e-liquid, it can be seen as more addictive because of the fact that the user can achieve high amounts of nicotine in their blood in a short amount of time. But, anyone vaping nicotine salts e-liquid should, in theory, need to vape less to be satisfied due to the fact that it allows nicotine to be absorbed faster into the body, which consequently gives the vaper their nicotine fix faster and for longer periods of time.

Those who are new to vaping and who are concentrating on quitting their smoking habit will need the higher concentrations of nicotine to start off with to give them the same nicotine satisfaction they are used to from smoking. Gradually they will begin to taper down because they will no longer need the same amount of nicotine in their system and due to the negative symptoms that come along with too much nicotine.