2018 has been a great year for SaltNic Labs! We have been juiced up all year blending great quality flavors for you all to enjoy in your low wattage devices. Recently we helped release the VGOD Bomb SaltNic Line that offers an absolutely delicious multi-layered fruit filled vape experience! Admittedly the bombs are blasting with great flavor, but we decided to go one step forward and give it the iced effect!

Iced Bomb Line By VGOD

Now you can enjoy same great flavors you have come to love, but with an iced menthol finish. For all you fruit menthol aficionados, VGOD’s Iced Bomb Line is something you absolutely do not want to miss out on!

But for those of you who don’t know yet, the Iced Bomb Line has three fantastic flavors! Iced Apple Bomb, Iced Berry Bomb and Iced Mango Bomb. Iced Apple and Iced Berry are very similar in that the vape experience is like a passage through a base flavor of natural fruit at the forefront of the hit blended with a chewy sour belt candy that offers a sour center, but a nice sweet finish that is now loaded with a smooth chilling menthol finish.

As for the Iced Mango Bomb, it is a sweet and tangy journey through a tropical heaven of a soft textured, freshly sliced, glowing yellow juicy mango from beginning to end that has become even more invigorating with a refreshing menthol finish! Iced Mango Bomb is fresh, incredibly smooth and truly a premium e-liquid that should not be overlooked! Especially if you love mango flavored vapes with a smooth and cooling menthol finale!

The only thing left to do is decide which Iced Bomb you want the most! We highly recommend you try them all as every Iced Bomb is worthy of your low wattage device! Each one offers an incredibly satisfying vape experience in 25mg or 50mg nicotine strengths. So, ice up your vape game with VGOD’s Iced Bomb Line today!