JustFog has been in the vaping industry since 2009 and has developed several quality products. One of their most notable devices, as of late, has been their ultra small MiniFit. It has garnered quite a following throughout the vaping industry for its tiny design, remarkable flavor and vapor production.

Justfof Minifit vs Suorin Drop

Suorin is another quite notable company that has been very successful in creating some of the best low wattage open pod systems in the vaping industry. Suorin’s Drop open pod device is a primary example of creative innovation with great performance and flavor.

With two fantastic devices at very affordable price points, how do you know which one is the right device for you? We at SaltNic Labs are going to lay the facts all out and help you find what is best for you.

JustFog MiniFit

The MiniFit is made out of anodized aluminum alloy and is sized at 7 centimeters in length. Together with the pod and battery, it weighs just slightly over 20 grams. This tells you just how tiny and light this device really is. The MiniFit is available in several colors and the replacement pods come in a pack of 3.

The MiniFit pod has a 1.5ml capacity and the coil resistance inside the pod is 1.6Ω, which is just perfect for SaltNic e-liquids. Below the mouth piece on the pod are three air holes that provide just enough airflow, but still offers a nice tight draw for those who are seeking out a similar experience to that of smoking. The fill holes are covered by a pretty solid cap that fits flush and prevents leaking.

The MiniFit has a built in C601 Li-ion battery with a 370mAh capacity. The C601 battery is designed to deliver at a constant 3.4 voltage despite the amount of charge still remaining to ensure the best vaping experience with the right amount of vapor and flavor. There is a three level LED light battery indicator located on the center of the device on top of the fire button.

To turn the device on or off, you will have to press the fire button four times. The MiniFit has several safety features that will prevent any damage to the battery by preventing overheating, over discharging or over charging.

Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop is designed to look like a flattened teardrop. It is constructed out of zinc alloy with a colored silicone casing with exception to the all black Drop. The all black Drop has a polished metal finish. The Drop is very slim, will fit nicely in the palm of your hands and feels very solid. It is available in a plethora of colors and replacement pods are very reasonably priced.

The Drop’s pod has a 2ml capacity with a coil resistance of 1.3-1.4Ω. Suorin makes claims that the Drop pods can be used with salt nicotine e-liquid and original e-juices with 60/40 VG/PG ratios or 70/30 VG/PG ratios. The Drop pod does provide a nice tight draw for MTL vapers, offers great vapor production and excellent flavor.

To fill the Drop, lift both silicone tabs and hold them open while you fill one side. Hold the the tabs open and you will see the e-liquid equalizing on both sides. The pod primes quickly and is perfect for quite a few refills as long as you don’t let the e-liquid get too low and burn the pod.

The Drop has a 310mAh rechargeable battery that will power to a maximum 13W and is designed with direct voltage output. The battery will charge quickly via micro USB and can last quite a few days on a full charge (depending on your vaping habits).

Unlike the Minifit, the Drop is an on-draw activated device and has no buttons. It is extremely simple to use for any level vaper. The Drop will fit easily in any pocket, is great for discreet vaping and is a very dependable device for its price point.

The Verdict

There is only one factor that could sway you more towards one over the other and that is the fire button on the MiniFit. Other than the button factor, one could be easily swayed to purchase either device due to the fact that they are both quality constructed devices that are small enough to travel anywhere with you.

Both the MiniFit and the Drop seriously kill it when it comes to performance and flavor for such tiny devices. One could not really ask for much more out of such miniature sized, low wattage refillable pod devices. Both devices are dependable, have working longevity, charge quickly and are both offered at affordable prices. The replacement pods are also affordable and offers the user the opportunity to carry more than one pod with them to switch flavors throughout the day.

If you don’t enjoy the idea of having to press a button to be able to take a drag from the device, then the Suorin Drop will be the best choice for you. If you like the idea of having the ability to turn your low wattage device off and on, then the JustFog MiniFit would be the ideal choice. Either way you decide to go, we at SaltNic Labs can assure that you will be more than happy with these two quality devices because if they weren’t quality products, we wouldn’t sell them and that’s a fact.

We would love to hear your opinion on which device you like better, the MiniFit or the Drop? So give us a shout out below and tell us about your experience with either device and which SaltNic e-liquid you think tastes the best in your pod!