When it comes to purchasing a vaping device pricing is always going to be a major factor, but what may look like a hot deal can easily turn into a major bummer. So if you can find killer deals on devices that are proven to offer amazing flavor, great vapor production and known to be durable, then you got yourself a hell of deal.

Imagine being faced with having to make a decision between two fairly similarly priced and well known devices like the Aspire Breeze 2 and the Vapeccino Mate 1. How could you ever decide? It’s a tough spot to be in, but we’re going to lay out some facts to help you get what will work best for you.

Aspire Breeze 2 Vs Vapaccino Mate 2

The Aspire Breeze 2 and the Mate 1 Starter Kits

Both kits are constructed out of sturdy materials and neither feel cheaply made. Both are small enough to fit comfortably in your hand or in your pocket. The Breeze starter kit comes complete with (1) Breeze device, (2) coils (1 / 1.0Ω & 1 / 0.6Ω ), (4) O-rings, (1) silicone seal, a micro USB cable and a user manual.

The Mate 1 starter kit gets you started with (1) Mate 1 device, (1) MTL pod device, a micro USB cable and a user manual. Incredibly simple by comparison to the Breeze 2, but as we dig deeper we will understand why this is.

What's the Difference?

The Aspire Breeze 2 pod is designed with a significant amount of removable parts starting with a drip tip protective cap that is removed when vaping. The drip tip can be removed to insert or remove the Breeze 2 coil and to refill vape juice. In addition, the entire pod can be released from the battery by depressing the pod release button on the side of the device. The Breeze also has a fire button in the center of the pod, while the Mate 1 is a more simplistic on-draw device.
The Vapeccino Mate 1 is by far more a minimalist design as it has two pieces, the refillable pod and the battery. The Mate 1 pod was designed with what Vapeccino calls their Gold Core Tech that promotes antioxidation and prevents sweeter ejuice from sticking to the coils to prolong the life of the pod while offering a clean vape experience for the lifespan of the pod.
The Breeze 2 kit comes with two differing coils designed for different vaping experiences. The 1.0Ω coil is specifically designed for nicotine salt e-liquid, while the 0.6Ω can be used with vape juice with higher VG/PG ratios. Whereas, the Mate 1 is recommended for salt nicotine e-liquid only.
The Mate 1 offers a varying vape experience with a mouth to lung (MTL) pod that comes in the starter kit and a direct to lung (DL) pod that is available separately as an alternative. The MTL pod is designed to have a tighter draw, which will deliver a throat hit closer to that of smoking a cigarette. The DL pod has an airier draw designed to take a longer and more smooth hit of vapor straight into the lungs. Pods can be differentiated upon by the silicone tabs at the fill port. The MTL has a blue tab and the DL has a clear tab.

Bottom Line

The reality is that both the Breeze 2 and the Mate 1 are really great pod systems. They both have great designs, offer some versatility, great flavor and vapor production. They are reliable systems, they’re simply just different. Aspire has designed the Breeze 2 to be more versatile so that the user can switch between salt nicotine and original vape juice with the option to adjust airflow for different styles of vaping.
While the Mate 1 has been designed more closely to that of the JUUL, so that if you are just getting started with vaping there will be no mistake that making the switch will be a somewhat easy endeavor due to the fact that all one has to do is fill the pod with salt nicotine e-liquid and begin vaping.
The Breeze 2 has a significantly larger battery capacity at 1000mAh, while the Mate 1 has a 410mAh battery capacity. However both will last you all day and possibly longer on a full charge. Realistically the Breeze 2 will take longer to charge than the Mate 1, but relatively both devices charge quickly via micro USB.
The bottom line is that both devices are fast wicking, do not leak, offer great flavor and have great price points. You can’t really go wrong with the Breeze 2 or the Mate 1. It’s really about convenience and what will work best for you based on the design aspects of the system. Both companies did a great job bringing you reliable systems that will elevate your vaping experience.