There has never been any shortages of strawberry inspired e-liquid to vape. It can be hit and miss depending on what your preferences are. There are strawberry candy inspired juices that are super sweet and overpowering, and candied sour strawberry e-juices that makes you pucker with every pull.

Then there are strawberry flavored e-juices that send you soaring into a vapor zone of everlasting magical strawberry rapture. That is the moment when you realize you just vaped SaltNic’s Summer Strawberry e-liquid! Summer Strawberry is the ultimate balance of freshly ripened strawberries straight from California’s Central Coast.

No more waiting for strawberries to come back into season or vaping some bogus glazed over syrupy atrocity. Summer Strawberry is a wish come true for strawberry lovers that delivers a great satisfying buzz with smooth throat hits and a refreshingly fruity aftertaste.

It is a revitalizing essence that can go anywhere you do underneath endless blue skies no matter what time of year. Summer Strawberry can be enjoyed in either 25mg or 50mg strengths in your new favorite low wattage refillable vape pod system. Delight your senses over and over again with SaltNic’s sweet Summer Strawberry.