Welcome to SaltNic's all new blog! We are happy to be getting started in actively discussing new products, new flavors and the benefits of salt e-liquid. For our first post we are happy to be introducing an amazing all new product that is taking vaping SaltNic liquid to a whole new level that is accessible to all level of vapers!

SaltNic is pleased to have partnered with STIG, Inc., to be the first ever to have our very own e-liquid in the all new and extremely innovative STIG pod! The STIG is the very first of its’ kind, an all-in-one disposable salt nicotine pod device. The STIG is on-draw activated and ready to use right out of the package as it has a pre-charged low wattage battery and pre-filled e-liquid tank. The battery is guaranteed to not lose charge before the e-liquid tank has been completely cleared. The tank holds 1.2ml of our SaltNic e-liquid and is satisfying for any nic fix at 6% nicotine per volume. It is estimated that you will get around 270 puffs from one STIG pod. At 60mg of nicotine, one STIG pod is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. The STIG comes in a pack of 3, therefore in one pack of STIGS you get what is equal to three packs of cigarettes.

This device will benefit a number of different vaper types out there. It will be the solution for the minimalist who doesn’t want to have to recharge or refill their pod devices, but still wants a satisfying salt nicotine experience. The STIG will also be a good solution for those moments when vaping giant plumes of vapor is just not possible, but cravings must be indulged. You can keep living your active lifestyle, be on the go and have the  STIG with you for that moment you take a five and want a tasty SaltNic treat.

It is also a good option for those who are considering quitting their cigarette habit, but are discouraged because vaping can seem daunting do to the infinite selection of vaporizers and e-juice flavors offered. This is why the STIG will change lives. You no longer have to feel overwhelmed with choices. The STIG is your solution to the most effortless vaping experience that will give you an enjoyable throat kick, amazing flavor and the best nicotine rush to keep you going all day long. It is such a small device, it will fit in any pocket size and can go anywhere with you! It’s not a high tech device, there is never any maintenance required and again, the STIG does not need to be charged or a refilled. Once the e-liquid has been enjoyed completely, you can toss it and grab another! It’s too easy to say no to, so if you have any friends wanting to quit smoking, do them a favor and put a STIG in their hand!

STIG is currently being offered in four of our best SaltNic e-liquids. VGOD’s Cubano and Lush Ice, as well as our Tropical Mango and Mighty Mint. We hope that we will be adding more flavors to the STIG pod in the near future, so we can offer a flavor for all discerning palates. Now, that you know all about the STIG, we are excited to hear what you all think about the STIG and what flavors you want to see in a STIG pod. Please, comment below and let us know!