Aspire has set a precedent throughout the vaping industry for manufacturing high quality devices. They offer every type of vaper the opportunity to maximize their vaping experience with varying unique designs incorporated in their kits, mods and tanks.


Aspire devices are known for their long term dependability, dispensation of flavor and vapor production. The AVP AIO Starter Kit was designed with a few notable elements that can ideally enhance your vaping experience. So let's delve into a closer look at the Aspire AVP AIO Starter Kit.

AVP Aio Starter Kit

AVP AIO Starter Kit Features


The AVP AIO Starter Kit stands at 82mm, is 39mm wide and has a 14mm depth. The chassis is slim with a comfortable ergonomic hand feel. It is produced out of zinc alloy with carbon fiber looking panels. Aspire offers the AVP in 5 different colors: black, grey, purple, rainbow and orange.


The chassis contains a built in 700mAh battery, has three wattage settings starting at 8W up to a max wattage of 12W. It is designed with one mode button to scroll through the variable wattages with a single indicator light. The chassis is also built with a single eyelet to attach the AVP lanyard that comes with the kit.


The AVP AIO is charged via a micro USB port located at the base of the device. Maximum charge current tops at 1000mA. It also features important safety features to keep you safe while vaping or charging. Features include automatic cutoff, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overcharge protection and over heat protection.


Unlike other Aspire pods, the AVP pod has a fixed coil that is not removable and requires replacement after a certain amount of refills. It will accommodate 2ml of e-liquid and is held secure to the chassis by magnets. It contains a 1.2 ohm vertical Nichrome coil with a spring loaded, leak resistant valve.


How To Use The AVP AIO And Fill The AVP Pod


The AVP is easy to use since it only has one mode button. Press the button 5 times in quick succession, it will turn on and flash red. When the button is pressed 5 times in quick succession again, it will turn off and flash a white light. To change the wattage, press the mode button 2 times in succession to scroll through the 3 modes. When 8W is selected, a red light will flash, 10W will flash a blue light and 12W will flash a green light.


Filling the AVP Pod is made easy as well with the spring loaded valve located at the base of the pod. Once the AVP Pod is removed from the device, you will see the valve at the base. Simply place the tip of the bottle through the valve and you can instantly fill the pod. Once it is full to the 2ml capacity, allow it to soak the cotton for 5-10 minutes. Soon afterwards, you will be able to enjoy a fresh vape session full of great flavor.


When charging the AVP device, you will find that Aspire has created quite an elaborate system of light indications for you to understand the AVP's charge status. When you initially connect the USB cable with the micro USB port, the indicator light will flash red 3 times. The red light will remain on for 3.5 volts or less, the blue light will activate for 3.5 to 3.8 volts and anything above the green LED will light up.


The AVP will fully recharge in one hour. When it is ready the green LED will flash 20 times and then remain off. When you unplug the USB cable, the green LED will flash again 3 times and you will be set for all day vaping.


The Build Quality, Performance And The AVP Lanyard Strap


The AVP AIO Starter Kit feels solid and sleek in your hand. It has a nice weight and shape to it that makes it really comfortable to hold and easy to vape as the device operates with an on-draw sensor system.


The AVP Pod is super easy to fill with the spring loaded valve. The spring loaded valve makes a huge difference when filling due to the fact that you don't have to worry about losing or breaking silicone tabs from the pod. It still may leave a slight bit of residual juice near the valve, but it is really easy to wipe up and get back to vaping.


As far as performance goes, the AVP offers a vape experience that mouth to lung vapers will want and is perfect for SaltNic E-liquid! It might be a little airy for some, but for the most part, it lends a nice warm, tight pull with great flavor and vapor production that you would expect from a more superior pod system.


The AVP lanyard strap is a great added bonus that Aspire throws into the AVP AIO Starter Kit. It fits great through the eyelet on the side of the device and will hang nicely around your neck. Plus it is a quick release lanyard, so you can release the device off of the lanyard easily anytime when you want to. And, if you don't want it on your device, it can be useful for a number of things in life, which is cool.


The Closing Verdict


We at SaltNic have determined that Aspire definitely hit it on the mark with the AVP AIO Starter Kit for many reasons. For the price point, the AVP is a great deal that hooks you up with a complete and ready to go device, two replaceable AVP pods, the AVP lanyard and a micro USB cable for charging. Two pods is a straight deal because you can load it up automatically with your two favorite juices and switch it up whenever you want throughout your day or just have that extra waiting when the life of the first pod is at its end.


It feels solid and ready to stand the test of time for everyday use. It offers multiple wattages that are more than easy to scroll through and definitely meets today's safety standards. With a 700mAh battery, it does take a little bit of time to charge, but will last you a solid day or maybe more depending on your vaping habits.


Just the fact that Aspire includes two pods with the complete system really does increase the value! So if you are just starting out or are interested in a new pod system, we at SaltNic highly recommend the Aspire AVP AIO Starter Kit as a great way to invest in a reliable vape experience.