WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


POD Systems

POD Systems
SaltNic only offers quality high end pod systems that are lightweight, compact and simplistic in design. All pod systems are low wattage devices that deliver instant tasty satisfying throat hits for those who are making a transition from smoking or for seasoned vapers alike. No settings are required and most systems are on-draw activated. Pod systems contain internal batteries and pods that can easily be refilled with your favorite SaltNic e-liquid. Refillable pods range in capacity from 1.8ml to as much as 3.5ml. Simply prime the pod with e-liquid and begin your vaping journey.
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Experience Quality Vaping with a Refillable Pod System

Refillable pod system is a term used in the vape world referring to low wattage devices designed specifically for nicotine salt e-liquid. These salt nic pods are convenient to use as they are easy to prime and refill throughout the day. Refillable pod system devices are mostly miniature pocket-sized devices with long lasting internal batteries that make it convenient for all day use. All devices are great for smokers wanting to make a switch, novice or pro vapers alike.

The refillable pod system may be small, but they do offer instant and tasty throat hits for all day satisfaction. There are no complicated settings on a high nicotine pod system, so they are more than easy to get started with and small enough to carry with you throughout your busy day. Most of the devices are on draw activated but can have a single fire button in some cases. The refillable pods have e-liquid capacities ranging from 1.8 to 3.5 milliliters depending on the system.

SaltNic Labs understands the need for quality made, easy to use devices that bring forth great flavor and satisfying vapor production. Our exclusive collection of nicotine salt pods is specifically selected to offer you the very best vaping experience you can have with exceptional flavor and satisfying vapor production. All devices are manufactured by celebrated brands in the vaping industry, so you are ensured a pleasurable experience with quality you can taste. Purchase a refillable pod system from our collection today and remember to fill up your shopping cart with extra refillable pods for your device, so you never run out or to vape different flavors throughout your day.